See 3 Challenge: Young Company Reviews

Photo credit: Livsmedlet Theatre
Some of our Young Company went to see Livsmedlet Theatre’s Invisible Lands last week at Paisley Arts Centre.
In a unique meeting between puppetry, physicality, choreography and video projections… [the performance] examined the chaos-filled journeys into exile of displaced people all trying to save their skins.
We want to encourage our members to think critically about theatre and consider what they like (or dislike) about thte performances they see, so we were delighted when we spotted these reviews appear on the group Facebook page – we have shared them here with permission:
Invisible lands was an experience, it pushed the boundaries and challenged the norm. It had so many moments of sheer beauty and power. It was different but in the best way possible. The use of symbolism and the complete simplicity of the concept made the story an interesting one to follow.
Personally I loved the physical aspect of it and how they used their bodies as landscapes to create a platform in order for the story to progress. Also the use of sound and how the interesting choices of made up language and sound effects really engaged us as the audience and fought for our attention. The whole idea to use action figures to portray their story has a strange power fullness in which you were fully captivated by the simple nature of it. I’m sure Anna and Lucy will agree when I say it really was an experience.
I’ve never seen anything like invisible lands before but I feel it has opened my eyes to whole new different type of theatre. Everyone in the audience was watching the same piece of theatre but had a different story, it was so playful and childlike yet had so many different perspectives in which it could have been perceived in so many ways.
Something that’s new, I would defiantly encourage people push themselves out of their comfort zones to go see more threats like this. It was out of my comfort zone and I think that’s why it was so beneficial and eye opening for me.
Max Burns (15)
I thought it was something totally different – a type of show I’ve never seen before or would have imagined I would choose to watch. Even the layout was interesting and captivating, it was an unrecognisable transformation of the arts centre from what we’re used to. We were all sat around a white rectangular performance space in a small semi-circle. The fact that the show had no dialogue in it was also fairly unique and different from the norm. It’s definitely a show I would recommend to help change your perspective on the world around us and the issues that affect all of us without us even realising.
Lucy Halliday (15)
To me invisible lands was like an art exhibition. There were so many still moments that I thought were just amazing to look at. At first I really had no idea what was going on but I decided to just let myself watch it and enjoy it. The storyline and message became much more clear over the course of the show and when I look back at what I saw I realise how powerful it was. It was definitely something new and not something that I’d read about and think to go to but I’m so glad I did. Also the guy in it kind of explained the story and how they made it etc at the end and he seemed so genuinely lovely and passionate about the performance and you could tell that so much had gone into creating it.
Anna Horsburgh (15)
All of the above reviews are, of course, eligible for our See 3 Challenge.

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