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for young people s5 – age 21

Group Schedule

Term Dates

In Beyond young people are moving towards the end of their high school education or perhaps they’ve already moved onto college, university or work. Whatever they are doing we want to help them to create positive pathways to get them where they want to be. We’ll help give young people the tools to successfully promote themselves in preparation for further education or a workplace. We’ll continue to help build confidence, presentation skills and self-esteem and are happy to offer support to young people preparing for auditions or inter-views.  

We want young people to think about why they want to create theatre, what it can be used to say and why it matters. We’ll be encouraging them to go to the theatre and where possible we’ll give them the space to discuss what they’ve seen and promote critical analysis skills. 

We’ll continue to work on core skills – voice, movement and acting by exploring a variety of theatre styles and methods as well as looking at different genres and playwrights. We’ll take inspiration from things that interest them – from texts, to stories, to music, to real life events.  We’ll look in more detail at a whole variety of texts and undertake detailed character study and scene work. We’ll be looking at different playwrights and exploring characters and scenes from a variety of plays. Our analysis of text will support the work being done in school. We’ll continue to develop improvisation skills and explore different acting techniques. We’ll further develop devising skills and look to other companies and artists for inspiration. We’ll give them opportunities to create their own work, to take on different theatre roles and to collaborate with each other to create performances. If young people show an interest in a particular area we’ll do our best to nurture it. 

We’ll continue to develop ensemble building skills as well as concentration, focus and trust. We’ll en-courage them to take creative ownership over the work they create and learn to collaborate with each other to develop work.

Key skills covered

Developing creativity, voice, the language of movement, acting, character study, improvisation, mastering emotions, theatre styles, critical analysis, presentation skills, text interpretation, audience communication, delivering a performance, discussion and debate. 

Confidence, self-expression, collaboration, ensemble building, listening, leading, concentration and focus.

Group Times

Choose one group.  Groups take place weekly during school term time. 


Group Name Place Starts Ends Drama Worker
Beyond Spires Studio 1 18:15 20:15 Stephanie Pollock


Most frequent questions and answers

Paisley workshops take place on a Saturday and also mid-week. Workshops take place during school term time. With four terms in the Youth Theatre year, there are roughly 34 workshops per year in total. Workshops take place in our base at Spires Drama Studios, as well as in The Wynd Centre, Paisley Arts Centre and Team MacNeil Dance Studio.

Our Core Workshops mostly follow in line with school year groups. Our Accelerate and Young Company programmes are for members who have shown particular skill and ability in core classes and entry is by tutor/director recommendation or audition, but these are also divided according to age.

All of our groups are run by our trained staff, with the resources of a company that has specialised in working with children since 1988. All PACE staff are PVG checked.

PACE Youth Theatre workshops are all based on our unique syllabus devised to increase confidence, self-expression, communication and performance skills. They are also great fun and a great way to meet new friends. Workshops are at the core of PACE Youth Theatre and a lot of time and effort is spent ensuring our workshops are fun, educational, well targeted and of the highest standard.

You can find out more about the content and structure of workshops on the page for each group level.

Although PACE is a workshop based youth theatre, members often have the opportunity to participate in shows, be they large scale, devised or scripted. Members get advance notice and discounts on our Fest! Performing Arts Festivals events and performances. PACE mount over 70 Fest! performances every year during the school holidays, giving everyone lots of opportunites to get on stage! These day and week long activities concentrate on drama, dance and music for both members and non-members and are always extremely popular. 

We also have a festival of youth theatre performances every year for older groups as well as presentations and open workshops for parents to attend.

PACE Youth Theatre members are in constant demand from TV and film produstion companies, both nationally and internationally. PACE Casting was set up to represent our members to interested companies and provide a comprehensive chaperoning and licensing service. All this is provided to our members for no additional charge or agency fee. PACE members have appeared in hundreds of films, commercials and TV productions over the years both in the UK and abroad. Established members also have the opportunity to appear in the Young Person’s Casting Directory, the largest directory of young actors in Scotland, distributed annually to hundreds of production companies.

PACE has worked with tens of thousands of young people, who have used the key skills they have learnt form PACE in all walks of life. Many of these have gone on to work in all aspects of the performing arts. PACE alumni have included singer Paolo Nutini and actors James McAvoy (X-Men), Richard Madden (Bodyguard, Cinderella), James McArdle (Mary Queen of Scots),  Amy Conachan (Hollyoaks), Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom) and many more.

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PACE is a self-sufficient, non-profit making company and registered charity so all of our membership charges go towards improving the quality of service we provide to young people.

Membership of PACE Youth Theatre is paid over 10 months with discounts available for families with more than one member living at the same address. Full details can be found here.

Members joining mid-term will have their first term payment adjusted accordingly.

Bursary and concessionary places are available for families on low incomes.  You can find out more about our bursary fund here.

Please wear casual, comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear to workshops. PACE t-shirts are recommended but not compulsory. Please do not wear non-essential jewellery. Mobiles phones are not permitted to be used during workshops or rehearsals.

Please do not bring expensive clothing or other items to PACE. We cannot accept responsibility for any items lost, stolen or damaged.

Please inform us of any medical condition or special needs when booking. All information will be treated in confidence.

PACE aims to make our workshops as inclusive as possible and will try and make appropriate adjustments for young people with additional needs, within the confines of our resources. If your child has any additional support needs please talk to us about it in advance.


PACE Youth Theare Core Membership Fees
£ 39
  • 10 monthly payments (Sept - June) - cancel anytime
  • Fees pro-rated when joining mid-term.
    Family discounts, bursary and concessionary places available.

family discounts

Discounts on core membership fees are available for families with more than one member.
   2 in family      15% off
   3 in family      33% off

Fees Example
A family with one member in Leap and one in Tots would pay £47.26 per month.
i.e. £34.40 + £25.60 = £60.00
– 15% = £51.00

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