Covid Guidance

We have undertaken a thorough risk assessment of all our activities to ensure they can be delivered safely and have put in place some new procedures.

We cannot wait to welcome all our members back to PACE and we are working hard to ensure that the classes will be just as much fun as you remember. However, due to current Scottish Government youth work guidance we have implemented some changes that you now need to follow to help  keep yourself and others safe when attending PACE workshops. We ask that all parents/and where appropriate young people make sure they have read through this document before attending a PACE class.

Before attending PACE

  • If any PACE member has any symptoms of COVID-19 ( you must NOT attend your PACE class.
  • If any PACE member has been asked to self-isolate for any reason, you must NOT attend your PACE class.
  • If a PACE member has a cough but is overwise well and has had a negative COVID test result, then they can still attend their session. You must contact PACE to inform them of this prior to attending.

Arriving and leaving PACE  

  • Parents/carers will be asked to drop off young people at a designated entrance point and collect at a designated exit point. PACE staff will ensure all young people are safely collected. Each group will be given specific information relating to their group and their venue.
  • Please follow current social distancing rules whilst dropping off or picking up.
  • To avoid any group crossover and to ensure that cleaning can take place in between classes it is important that participants should be dropped off and picked up on time.
  • We understand that unavoidable situations can happen. If you are going to be late please contact the PACE office to let us know and we will arrange a pick-up point.
  • Young people that make their own way to PACE should arrive as close to the start time as possible and go straight to their studio when they arrive. They should leave promptly at the end of their session.
  • Young people who arrive late for a workshop should report to venue reception and will taken to their group room as promptly as possible


    • We would ask that parents/carers do not enter any of the buildings unless necessary.   The only exception is for PACE Tots/Spark members due to their age (we would ask that only one parent enters the building)
    • If a parent does need to come into the building, they must report to reception. They will be expected to wear a mask and follow COVID guidance for the venue.  Depending on length of the visit, parents may be asked to provide details for Track and Trace.
    • If a parent wishes to speak to a staff member about their child we would ask that they contact the office by phone and we can arrange for the tutor to get in touch as soon as possible. Also, if a staff member needs to speak to a parent about a child, they will contact by phone.
    • All class registration can now be done online (or over the phone) which makes it easier for parents to book into a workshop and will also reduce the risk of contamination by not having to do this in person at the office

Moving around the building

  • Once inside any of the PACE venues you should follow current COVID procedures and there will be signs reminding you to do so.
  • If you are over 5 you should wear a mask when moving around the building, including entering, exiting, or going to the toilet. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please let us know. 
  • If you are under 5 you do not need to wear a mask moving round the building.
  • We ask that all members sanitise their hands before entering or re-entering a studio, using the station outside their studio before entering the space.

In your PACE workshop

  • Please consider what you bring to your class – the fewer unnecessary bags/coats/items we need to store in the studio the safer it is for everyone
  • Participants must wear comfortable clothing they can move around in. There will be no facilities to change before your PACE class so please come dressed for your session.
  • Members who are 12 years and under, do not need to socially distance with each other during the workshop however we will be operating a policy of reduced contact during sessions and ask all participants to follow instructions from tutors.
  • Members aged 12-18 will be required to socially distance during work shops and should were a face covering at all times, unless subject to exemptions.
  • PACE staff will wear face coverings while moving around the building and while organising drop off/pickups but may not wear them during sessions with under 12s. PACE tutors will endeavour to keep a 2-metre distance from young people during the sessions where this is possible.  If there is a need to come into closer contact with a young person, tutors will wear a mask.


  • No food or drink will be allowed in session, apart from your own water bottle. Please ensure that it is labelled with your name to avoid contamination.
  • Toilets will only be accessible to one participant at a time. Hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds and following current guidance.   Hand sanitiser will be outside all studios for use before re-entering the space.
  • All door handles and surfaces that will have come into contact with participants will be cleaned between sessions and regularly throughout the day.
  • Tissues must be discarded immediately after use into a bin and hands sanitised before continuing with workshop


  • Any requirement for First Aid will be dealt with in line with our current policy and staff members attending will be wearing PPE.
  • If a young person within the group is complaining of or displaying any of the COVID symptoms they will be taken to the venue isolation room and a parent will be contacted to arrange collection of the young person as soon as possible. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS ARE UP TO DATE.
  • If a young person is ill but not displaying or complaining of any COVID symptoms they will be able to remain in the room (keeping a 2-metre distance) until a parent /carer can be contacted to arrange for collection

 Online alternative

  • In the eventuality of a lock-down or class needing to self-isolate all affected classes will move online.

Important information

  • You must also inform PACE of any positive COVID test if a young person has recently attended a session. If any classes were to have a member test positive, we will follow the current Scottish Public Health guidelines which apply at the time, which may include passing on details as required by the law to the relevant bodies.
  • As this situation is continually changing, we will regularly review the current Government and health guidelines and send any update to these processes as required to ensure the safety of our young people and staff. We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any changes.

The PACE designated COVID Officer is Colleen Lupton. If you have any questions then please contact or e-mail

Building renovations

Improved ventilation and toilet facilities.

Hand sanitising stations

Located throughout our venues - all participants are encouraged to use before each workshop.

Reduced Class Capacities

To help maintain social distancing. Household limits do not apply for education and youth work.

Buffer time between groups

To avoid contact between classes and busy changeover times.

Enhanced cleaning programme

Spaces and touch points are sanitised between every group, and deep cleaned regularly with floors and surfaces coated in Zoono which provides a long lasting antibacterial protective layer.

Social Distancing

Is currently required for ages 12+ in workshops.

Face coverings

These will be required in communal areas for anyone aged 5+.


It is important you do not attend workshops if you have a new persistent cough, high temperature or change of taste or smell.