The Sma’ Shot Story – A Radio Play

PACE Youth Theatre

A specially commissioned audio version of PACE’s re-enactment of the Sma’ Shot story, which tells the story of the historic victory won by the Paisley weavers in the mid-1800s. Featuring members of PACE Youth Theatre, all parts were recorded in isolation during lockdown in June 2020. Sma’ Shot Day is an annual festival, held in Paisley on the 1st Saturday in July.



Spirit of Jo – Craig Binning
Spirit of William – Patrick Doherty 
Spirit of Nancy – Anna Horsborough 
Spirit of Liz – Katherine Wilson 


Jo – Kai Ross 
William – Euan Menzies 
Nancy – Amy Gallagher 
Liz – Neve Ferguson 
John – Angus Bryans 
Jean – Lucy Halliday 


Maggie – Carla McPherson
Head Cork/Maggie’s Father – JJ Hay
Sarah – Anna Bolton-Jones
Kim – Kathleen Irvine
Cathy – Molly Mae Paterson 

Produced by Alan Orr, featuring original music by Alan Orr & David Ramsay.