Drama Game – One Word Story

Claire gives a quick explanation of a really simple, but really fun drama game for two or more people to play – the more the merrier!

Drama Game – Anything Scarf

drama game lyndsey graham

Here is a really fun drama guessing game we play with all different objects at PACE. Today’s video is using a scarf and a lot of imagination! Watch the video then give it a try, it’s fun for the whole family to play!

Drama Game – Park Bench

Join Lyndsey as she explains the rules of the classic improvisation game, Park Bench. Have a go at home with your family and see what crazy characters you can create!


Lyndsey Graham Port Starboard Intro Thumbnail

Play along as Lyndsey leads a ‘play at home’ version of one of our favourite warm-up drama games. Listen out for the commands and do what Lyndsey says, or prepare to walk the plank!

The Floor is Lava

Here’s a fun game of ‘The Floor is Lava’ that you can play on your own or with your family. Become different characters, be active and do the actions – but most importantly – stay away from the lava!!