Soar/Beyond Z1 (for S3+) Membership (Thurs 6:30pm)

Regular zoom class – every Thursday at 6:30pm (length varies). Plus access all of digital content library, book exclusive events and courses and our online community. 

Our Soar programme will continue to promote positive self esteem and confidence as well as offering a challenging creative outlet where young people can continue to develop and grow. We’ll be encouraging young people to have confidence in how they come across and present themselves. We’ll encourage them to think about why they want to create theatre, what it can be used to say and why it matters.

We’ll continue to develop improvisation skills and further explore different acting techniques and styles. We’ll be constantly adding to our acting toolbox with different methods and approaches. We’ll further develop voice and movement skills and give them the chance to work independently, in pairs and in groups. As stimulus we might use music, stories, texts, pictures or perhaps something inspired by real life world events. We’ll also be looking at different playwrights and explore characters and scenes from a variety of plays. Our analysis of text will help complement work being done in school.  We’ll also look at the work of different theatre companies and take inspiration from different approaches and styles, exploring contemporary and classical texts, devised theatre, physical theatre and styles such as comedy or musical theatre.

We’ll try and support the development of young people who show an interest in a specific area of theatre. We’ll develop ensemble building skills as well as concentration, focus and trust. We’ll encourage them to take creative ownership over the work they create and learn to collaborate with each other to develop work.

Key skills covered

Developing creativity, voice, the language of movement, character, improvisation, emotions, theatre styles, critical analysis, presentation skills, text interpretation, delivering a performance, discussion and debate.

Confidence, self-expression, group work, collaboration, ensemble building, listening, leading, concentration and focus.

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