Leap Z1 (for P4-5) Membership (Sat 11:00am)

Regular zoom class – every Saturday at 11:00am (length varies). Plus access all of digital content library, book exclusive events and courses and our online community. 

Leap groups continue to promote confidence, self-expression and creative development. We will continue to work on improvisation, character work and our voice and movement skills. We will start thinking about how to show different feelings and emotions when playing different characters.  They will also be introduced to different theatre styles and will be experimenting with different styles when they create their own scenes. They will develop their ideas on how to structure a story or scene and they will be introduced to different theatrical techniques to help them present their work. We will encourage them to think about different stage techniques and how to use music, costume, set and props.

There be plenty of opportunities to discuss what they think and feel and to learn to have confidence in their own ideas and what they have to say. We will keep working on team building, collaboration and listening skills and encourage them to make new friends!

We will use existing texts, stories and characters to create scenes and also devise and create our own.

Key skills covered

Developing creativity, storytelling, voice, movement, character, improvisation, emotions, theatre styles, presentation skills, group work, collaboration, listening, leading, self-confidence.

Currently Full (Waitlist Open)

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