Coronavirus Time Capsule: Part 2

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Presenting part 2 of our Time Capsule video series, devised and filmed by our amazing young people. As lockdown restrictions ease, this film focuses on the impact social distancing has had over the last few months.

Coronavirus Time Capsule – Part 1

Time Capsule 1 Title Thumbnail

This is our time capsule week one video. Part of the Company Three Time Capsule project launched to creatively record the experiences of young people during the corona virus pandemic.

Warm-up: Mindfulness

It’s important to warm up our minds as well as our bodies! Listen along with Lyndsey as she leads a mindfulness audio warm up that can help with concentration and focus.

Warm-up: Vocal

Here’s a useful vocal warm up routine, led by Claire, which will help get our voices properly prepared before a workshop, rehearsal or performance.

Warm-Up: Physical

Join Chloe as she leads a physical warm-up routine. Do as much or as little as you’re able to, even a gentle physical warm-up can make a big difference.

Mamma Mia Dance Class

Cheer yourself up, get yourself moving and increase your fitness with some of the original choreography from west end musical Mamma Mia, led by musical theatre performer and ex PACE member Ross Russell.

Digital Theatre + Access

We are delighted to be able to offer you a Digital Theatre + membership for the next few months while you are part of our Change of PACE programme. Digital Theatre + is a brilliant resource which gives you access to a fantastic catalogue of theatre resources, including a huge range of classic and contemporary … Read more